Historical Brief

In 1968, after moving from Grand Haven, Michigan, Kit and Blaine McKenzie, Sr. opened the Yum Yum Tree at the location it still occupies. Originally opened as a Florida citrus fruit shop, they added a few wicker pieces to their inventory.  As things go, the fruit and jellies got moved closer and closer to the door as the sales of wicker, rattan,  split bamboo and accessories increased, occupying more and more floor space. The original 2,000 square feet of showroom has evolved into 16,000 square feet.

 Once located in the middle of “no where,” on a deserted, sandy strip of US Highway 1, the Yum Yum Tree was the unofficial landmark of the Jupiter city limits. Today, the business site is surrounded by residential and commercial developments on a beautiful, well manicured, busy highway. And they are still the unofficial landmark of the city of Jupiter. The original store sign still marks their location and has been declared a Historical Marker.



Upon retirement, Blaine McKenzie, Sr. passed the business to his son, Blaine McKenzie, Jr.  Blaine strives to continue to supply the same high quality of wicker, rattan and accessories that have made the store so famous. People from all over the United States, Canada and the Caribbean repeatedly visit to wander the labyrinth of showrooms.  Locals bring friends and relatives in to marvel at the uniqueness of the store. And then there are the families that have been buying from the Yum Yum Tree from generation to generation.  It never fails,  two statements are heard repeatedly from our guests: “I wish I had come here first!” and “This store never ends!” Don’t let yourself fall into this category…come and visit! If you can’t, please enjoy exploring our website.